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Your order is packaged professionally and sealed. No one will ever know what’s in the package. Discretion is our number one priority. Packages will have a solid count, shippments will be track able (you will know the delivery date) by Xpresspost courier that requires no signature and; shipped and packaged the same way as legal medicinal marijuana. Yes, recreational marijuana possession/usage is illegal in Canada, but be aware with the fact that we and our competitors have been operating for many years without a single customer facing a single legal issue.

We operate responsibly and honestly by providing great customer service to make ensure all our customers receive top quality product that is potent, authentic, clean, free of any type of foreign tainting such as mold, fungus, mildew, lacings of nutrients and fertilizers. Be aware that here in Vancouver BC, cannabis products for recreational use is freely accepted and tolerated by the majority of citizens. We operate a responsible and discreet service partnered with the best growers in the industry in a professional and honest manner. Legal authorities here have higher priorities than going after everyone involved in the industry. Interac E-Transfers is the only payment option. No cash, visa, or cheques.

Replacement Package Policy
If a package is lost in transit, or confiscated by authorities; we will send you ONE TIME REPLACEMENT PACKAGE for free.