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We provide following services for ages 16  and older.

Our Goal

We are qualified and eager to help you regain your.

Self Esteem

We help you appraise your own appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors to build and project positive self esteem.

Positive Self Image

A positive self-image boosts your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. ABHS assists in projecting positive self image.

Appropriate Behaviors

The behavior expected of you in social and work situations contributes to developing a healthy culture. We help nurture the understanding and application of appropriate behaviors.

Healthy Relationships

Open communication, support, respect and compromise are key elements of healthy relationships. We identify the gaps and help you bridge those gaps.


Diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are a constant threat to our our daily functions and our relationships. We help identify and curb their neagtive influence on your life.


ADHD, sleep deprivation, and distraction are some of the problems that are keeping us from focusing and performing simple and complex tasks. We help you regain your focus. 

Coping Skills

Engaging in relaxing activities, or practicing calming techniques, can help to manage stress and improve overall coping. We teach techniques to learn these skills.


We often carry problems with organization skills from our teens into our adulthood. This affects our day to day life. We identify issues and teach methods to resolve them.

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Insurance Information

Our participating Insurance plans are:

  • BCBS
  • BCN
  • HAP

If we are unable to accept your particular insurance, please ask about our affordable payment plans.
Please call your insurance company prior to your visit to ensure our office is covered under your plan.

Our Team

Our Team


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